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Welcome to the website of the West Sound Polymer Clay Group!  We’re happy to have you stop by and if you live on the Kitsap or Olympic Peninsula, and work with polymer clay, we’d love to meet you in person! Please read the information below about or meetings.

Our website includes areas open to the general public to visit and use as a reference, however some areas are available to members only, which means you need to register an account with this website to gain access to those areas.  Registration is free and you don’t have to become a member of the clay group to register.  Joining the WSPCG is also free at this time.

About WSPCG and Our Meetings

Creating with polymer clay in a group is not only fun, but a great way to learn, gain inspiration, and solve technical problems. We meet on a regular basis for “Clay Play Days”. Meetings happen approximately once a month and are four to five hours long, usually on a weekend. The time and date is set by concensus of the regular members, according to when they are available, to maximize attendance.

Because we have a focus on advancing our craft through this activity, it is intended for adults only (age 16+), and not for children.  As we grow and become more organized, we can consider special family play days, as well, but our purpose at this stage is to gather, to learn together.

Our group meetings are not intended to take the place of formal classroom training.  They are informal, where we “play” with clay and visit.  We frequently have a “Focus” for a particular meeting, where one or more people will demo of a technique.  Attendees are also welcome to spontaneously show others how “things are done”, so there is a lot of opportunity for learning, as well as playing.    If you are interested in a more formal, classroom style setting, led by an instructor, we encourage you to study our Resources section and look at the events calendar.  Here, we will list local or almost-local workshops and polymer clay instructors, and other educational venues.

Meetings are usually hosted by the group organizer, in North Kitsap, 5 miles north of Poulsbo, however other members are encouraged to offer their home to host a gathering occasionally.  Our members are polymer clay people from all parts of Kitsap and the Olympic Peninsula, in Western Washington State.  Clayers from Gig Harbor and other Pierce County locations are also welcome, as are Mason County people.  A little longer to travel from those more remote areas, but our traffic is better than the Seattle side of the water!  We offer an alternative to having to take a ferry to attend a polymer clay guild meeting in Seattle, which is a great thing to do, but a long way to go.

We have limited space at the meetings (usually spots for approximately ten people), so you must reserve a spot for each meeting.  If we show full, be sure and email us that you want to come, so we can put you in,  if a spot opens up, and/or we can figure out how to get more people in.   If you do reserve a spot, it is important to let us know if you can’t be there after all, with as much notice as possible, so that we can offer that space to those waiting.

If you are on the waiting list, we will call you if there is a cancellation, to make sure you still want a spot, so please give us good contact information in your email.

Attendees will need to bring their own clay supplies, tools and equipment to the group meetings.

Suggested supplies and equipment to bring:

***Note: If you are new and just starting, many of us have extra tools we can loan you during the Meetup.  You are also welcome to just come and watch us work, without bringing anything!****

  • Work surface (sheet of acrylic, glass, plastic mat, or other, to work on, so it protects table top from clay)
  • Your polymer clay of choice – any brand and/or liquid clay
  • Pasta machine, if your project needs one (for new people, loaner is available on request) You will need a large C clamp to attach pasta machine to table. Loaners available. Machine motor optional, and can’t be used constantly during meeting, because we’re here to visit, too.
  • Work light and extension cord (optional)
  • Clay tools: Blades, acrylic rollers, carving tools, molds, texture plates, shape cutters, etc.
  • Miscellaneous: Latex gloves, hand cleaner, saran wrap and/or baggies to wrap your unpackaged clay in.
  • Beverage of your choice, goodies and snacks (all optional).  Coffee and water are usually available.
  • “Show and Tell” items – Examples of your work, a good polymer clay book, example of someone else’s work, new tool, etc.


This group is open to all adults who work with polymer clay, at any level of expertise. The purpose is to have fun, swap ideas and knowledge,  and share our work.