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New Meeting Scheduled and A Mosaic Egg In Progress

We have two more meetings scheduled on the calendar for our group.  For this next meeting, on April 29th, we will be at Collective Vision Gallery in Bremerton.  Janthina has graciously made arrangements for us to do this, since she is a member artist.

I waited a few days and tallied the votes on the next meeting date.  More people said the 29th would be better.  For those that could only come on the 22nd, I’m so sorry and hope to see you at the next after.  For the next meeting, I ended up skipping May altogether, because of Viking Fest/Rhody Festival and Memorial Day and Mother’s Day, etc.  I went with June 3rd, so that will hopefully work out for everyone.  If anyone else would like to volunteer to host clay play days,  later in the year, please let me know what Sunday dates would be work for you.   We tend to be averaging about 6 people attending, per meeting, so we really don’t need a lot of space.  We could also be outside, if we had sun protection, so that’s an idea for summer.

Polymer Clay Mosaic Egg In Progress

Polymer Clay Mosaic Egg In Progress

I have had my head buried in the mosaic egg project.  This has to be the slowest thing I’ve ever done.  First making all the teeny, tiny tiles, breaking them up, then applying them to the raw clay on the egg (egg is covered with uncured clay and I paint a little liquid clay on top for glue, before applying tiles).  I am getting a bit faster, with practice, but am feeling pretty restless at not being able to do anything else until it’s done.  I don’t dare try to do anything else, because it’s too easy to avoid working on the mosaic egg.

I hope the better weather will bring a surge of creativity to you all and that you are working on some great clay projects!

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